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Hi Angels!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! How did you celebrate? Things looked a bit different this year for my family - instead of everyone from all sides of Johnny's family getting together on Christmas Eve, we did a little Zoom call instead. My immediate family (mom, dad, brother) came over to our place on Christmas Eve for dinner and we had the best time opening presents and enjoying each-others company. My dad picked up the most incredible charcuterie board, and we bullshitted over some snacks. We all wore masks and sat 6 feet apart which still feels strange for me. This was the first Christmas my family has been together since my parents 2019 separation, so it stirred up some emotions but overall it was one of my favorite memories. We didn't end up taking any photos, but I am excited to share a holiday shoot Johnny and I did shortly before the holiday madness began.

Dress - Elliatt

Earrings - Bauble Bar

Necklace - Bauble Bar


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