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Even if you are miles away, that doesn’t mean that a party doesn’t have rules to

follow. Read our must- know virtual dinner party etiquette tips.

In this day and age, socializing can be a challenge. That doesn’t mean it’s

impossible, though, and many creative folks are finding smart ways to celebrate

together while apart. Virtual dinner parties are all the rage right now and likely will be

for some time. To prepare yourself for such an event, make sure you’re familiar

with must-know virtual dinner party etiquette to avoid a faux pas.

Always Respect the Host

The real must-know virtual dinner party etiquette tip is to focus on the host’s needs.

Just because the party is online doesn’t mean a lot of care didn’t go into it. Just

because your host doesn’t have to ready their house, cook for you, and clean up

after you doesn’t mean they don’t have a say with their event.

Respect the host and make sure you follow any expectations they laid out. Virtual

chats can easily turn into a chaotic frenzy of texting and yelling over each other.

Don’t make this mistake or you may miss out on the special things the host had

planned. Keep an eye on the host’s video panel and watch for clues that they may

wish to speak or are prepared to guide the party through activities or a new conversation topic.

Take Expectations Seriously

Just because we’re all used to using platforms such as Skype and Teams informally

does not mean they can only be used informally. Anytime you present yourself—via

voice, text, or video—always put your best foot forward. This goes for party

expectations, too. You might feel strange getting dressed up to sit in your living

room—but if that’s what the host expects, respect them and do it! Once the event

gets going, it’ll be fun to see everyone dressed appropriately and lined up in the grid

view of party-goers. You would hate to be the only person lounging in pajamas amidst a wall of smiling,

beautiful faces in dresses and tuxes. What could be more embarrassing? If you

suspect the party may be more formal than a T-shirt, follow up with the host for

details. For men, formal dress is simple—a blazer and tie, or a similar form of a suit

is always appropriate. Ladies get to be a little more creative and can explore options

of woman’s suits, various cocktail dresses, as well as many types of evening gowns.

Observe All Offline Etiquette Rules

It’s really easy to forget people still can hear and see us even over the distance of

the internet. Etiquette, the common sort, should be observed with care. Watch

people's faces and listen carefully to make sure what you say is on-point and doesn’t

cut anyone off. Stepping on toes in conversation is much easier to do accidentally in

a voice chat, so always apologize and defer your turn to speak to whomever you


Remain polite and courteous and be aware that people still can hear you, see you,

and read your tone. Most important of all, mute your microphone when you take a

bite of food. Chewing noises are not at all polite and can be extra gross online. Since

our mics tend to be so close, chewing with them turned on is equivalent to chewing

right in everyone’s ear at once. Mute yourself for a moment!


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