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Probably TMI - but we're friends here, right? So I'm just going to share that I've never been able to wear tampons. Yep, we're just going to get real and have a girl chat here on the blog today. I tried them in high school and then again in my adult life and my body just basically rejects them. No idea why - but they are just so painful and uncomfortable for me. This issue doesn't leave me with very many options during that time of the month since I'm not a fan of any internal solutions. It's frustrating, because pads are not the most comfortable and nobody likes feeling like they're an adult wearing a diaper. Plus, dealing with that awkward moment when a pad falls out of your purse as you're trying to pay for your un-necessary impulse purchase at Target is never fun. After years of frustration, I finally found something that is comfortable and effective for me while aunt flo is visiting - say hello to Hannah Period Underwear.

Hannah offers sexy lace thongs, comfy boy shorts, and easy breezy everyday briefs (& more!) that are SO comfortable and take the stress out of "that time of the month" for me. I'd recommend using one size larger than your standard size due to period bloating. (Ex. Your size M -> Purchase size L). Hannah:SENSE period underwear are designed to be worn without pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. They have with two layers of inner organic cotton sheets, so I don't have to worry about any surprise leaks. They are best for moderate period days & as a back up for heavier days with full coverage in the front & back. I also love that they are unbleached & undyed - which means no harmful chemicals in the in-layer fabrics and they are eco-friendly since they are 100% reusable!

Now that you're an expert on my favorite undies, I'm excited to show you how stylish they are ;) You don't have to sacrifice looking & feeling sexy even when you don't really feel sexy. Make sure you take advantage of their BOGO sale & use my code 'EVA' for an additional 5% off - valid through October 3rd!


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