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Can you believe 2020 is over in just 3 days!? As the year is winding down and we find ourselves in that awkward time between Christmas and New Years, I like to look back at my year and note the things I accomplished and the things that made me truly happy. I actually enjoyed slowing down a bit this year because I was given the opportunity to re-evaluate how I run my business. I've built positive new habits, re-branded with the incredible Brand Strategist Pria & Co, updated my office furniture, and experimented with new photo edits. In my personal life, I have had the opportunity to explore a new painting hobby, live with my fiance (we've been together for nearly 7 years, but have never moved in together until this year) and discover a passion for interior + graphic design. How did you use the extra down-time this year? Take a moment and ask yourself:

  1. What was your favorite moment of 2020?

  2. What was your lowest point of the year?

  3. What is the biggest lesson you learned this year?

It's easy to gloss over your accomplishments on your way to your next goal, but it's SO important to reflect + celebrate how far you've come! Be proud of yourself!!

Okay, I'm hopping off my soap box now ;)

New Years Eve always goes one of two ways:

+ stay in my pajamas at home with charcuterie + wine + movies + watch the ball drop

+ stay out all night in downtown LA at the Prohibition party!

This year is looking more like the first option, since Johnny and I have been quarantined for the past 4 days. I am so glad we shot my favorite NYE looks earlier this month before we got sick, because these are some of my all-time favorite looks! I shared 15 more in my NYE Outfit Roulette Reel on Instagram too!

To shop, simply click the item you like and you will be re-directed. Happy shopping!


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