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Are you tired of your outdated bathroom? Maybe it's time to consider a remodel! A bathroom overhaul can not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but can also add value to it. As someone who has just undergone an aesthetic bathroom redesign, I want to share my experience and some tips that may help you gain the confidence to start your "no-demo" reno. Get ready to say adios to that builder grade bathroom!!



Sorry for harassing your eyes with the sheer hideousness of my bathroom! Between the outdated mirror, dinky faucet, and crusty floor tiles, it was in need of some major TLC. Let's chat about my reno process! First and foremost, determine your budget. This is a crucial step in any renovation project. Once you nail down *no pun intended* how much you are willing to spend, make sure to stick to that budget throughout the project. Keep in mind that unexpected expenses can arise, so it's always a good idea to have some cushion by adding a contingency fund.



Next, think about the overall style and design you want for your bathroom. Do you want a modern or traditional look? A spa-like ambiance or a simple and minimalist design? Look for inspiration online or in magazines, and create a mood board or Pinterest board with the elements you like. This will help you communicate your vision to your contractor or designer. If you are tackling your reno solo like I did, this will serve as a reference point for you to utilize during your project. I was SO inspired by the modern mediterranean bathroom *pictured below* and used this as my inspo. I think I nailed it! Leaving the link to my Pinterest Bathroom Board here for you to browse!



My bathroom project focused primarily on my vanity area. We started by removing my gigantic 8 foot mirror (and I turned it into the Anthropoloige Primrose Mirror - tutorial here) and then I got started on my tile accent wall. One of the standout features of my bathroom remodel is my 5½" Bejmat Natural Unglazed Zellige tiles by Villa Lagoon. These Moroccan mosaic floor tiles are a particular style of rectangular Glazed Zellige tiles that are produced by hand in Fez, Morocco. They are known the world over for their unique and authentic appearance. Made with local clays and fired in kilns powered by olive pits, their amazing process ensures that they are both authentic and sustainable. Each piece has natural shape and color variation which adds so much character to my space. I chose to install them in a vertical dry stack pattern & I couldn't be happier with the finished result. We kept the original white countertops, and I plastered the vanity to match my walls and look built in.

The staff at Villa Lagoon were incredibly helpful in guiding me through the selection & installation process. I am so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of these tiles! I highly recommend considering Bejmat Natural Unglazed Zellige tiles for your next renovation project.


  1. Patch any holes & remove any glue left behind from removing your mirror

  2. Prime your wall

  3. Apply tile adhesive to your wall in one direction using a trowel. "butter" your tile as well, and then apply your tile to the wall. Make sure you have a level handy to ensure that each tile is straight.

  4. Complete your pattern, and then finish your project with the appropriate sealer for your tile.



Lastly, don't forget about the finishing touches. I personally hate mixing metals, so I stuck with brass finishes. I even purchased brass guilding paint to ensure that my vents matched! When selecting these items, consider functionality, durability, and style.

Including links to my exact purchases below:

or click through to shop:

In conclusion, a bathroom remodel can transform an outdated bathroom into a functional and stylish space. Determine your budget, find a reputable contractor (or DIY, like me!), select durable and stylish fixtures and finishes, and add some finishing touches to complete the look. With proper planning and execution, your bathroom remodel can be a success.


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