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Hey loves!

*drumrooolllll please* Our outdoor space is finally finished! We live in a quaint townhome complex, and our teeny-tiny patio space is anything but private. With all the time spent at home due to the lockdown, we desperately needed a change of pace from our indoor confinement! I researched and researched how to make an outdoor space feel more private, and everything that I found online called for semi-permanent adjustments like fencing or tall hedges - which my lease won't allow. (we found some adorable patio inspo here!) We kept looking, and finally decided to try an oversized beach umbrella for some shade + privacy, and it did the trick! We absolutely adore our Picnic Collective Newport Fringe Umbrella, and I know you will too! It doubles as our patio shade, and we love taking it to the beach with us as well. :)

ALSO - Our outdoor dining table from World Market is currently marked down from $300 to $75!

If you're into my decor style, I purchased most of my pieces from either Target, World Market, or Amazon and suggest browsing their site for pieces. The OpalHouse pieces & Project 62 pieces from Target are so bohemian and perfect for re-creating a space similar to mine while staying on a budget.

To shop, simply click the item you are interested in and you will be directed.


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