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Knowing these three signs that your jewelry needs to be repaired allows you to

maintain your favorite heirlooms and prevent any possible mishaps.

I love wearing my favorite pieces of jewelry as much as I can. I feel whole when I put

on my favorite necklace or rings, especially for a special occasion. However,

frequently wearing jewelry generates plenty of wear and tear on the pieces. By

knowing the signs that your jewelry needs to be repaired, you can prevent any

considerable harm or loss.

Loose Stone

When you notice that a stone has fallen out of your favorite piece of jewelry, it may

trigger a minor panic attack. Deterioration happens over time, often causing precious

stones to fall out of their settings. However, if you consistently inspect your jewels,

you can catch problems early and avoid losing the stones. You may use something

small, such as a toothpick, to ensure the gemstone is secure and chip free. If I find a

chip, I’ll set that item aside until I can have it repaired.

Damaged Prong

Doing household chores or other routine activities creates ample opportunity to

damage your jewelry. Jamming your hands on a hard surface will likely bend the

prongs of your rings. The primary warning sign of a compromised prong is a thin and

flat top. If the prongs get closer to touching each other, I know the piece needs fixing

before I can safely put it on again. I also make a habit of removing anything that may

snag to avoid any possible destruction to the prongs.

Worn Clasp or Chain

I feel incomplete when I can’t wear my favorite necklace. Gently stretching the

necklace certifies there isn’t a clasp issue that needs my attention. Any discoloration

on the clasp also acts as one more red flag requiring my consideration. Replacing a

link or clasp is a routine procedure, so I try handling the problem before it becomes a

significant concern. Otherwise, my necklace might break and fall off without me even


Hopefully, my procedures will help you recognize the signs that your jewelry needs

to be repaired. I hope this helps you preserve your favorite valuables for years on



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