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As we come out of quarantine, we want to keep our guests comfortable. Learn more about some of the ways you can kindly and safely host them through this guide.

It’s been so long, and we’re all starting to come out of quarantine. I know it’s been a minute since I’ve seen my besties. Now that we can start to gather safely again, let’s talk about some simple ways to become a better host. After all, we want to make good impressions after months of being away from close friends and loved ones.

Lock Into The Little Things

Your place is special—and your guests know that! They can only experience certain indulgences within your space. Are you known for your homemade scones or creative cocktails? Are your get-togethers when everybody pulls out the board games? Remember what your guests loved about hanging out at your place pre-pandemic and bring those things back. Even if you only have a few minutes to get a fresh flower bouquet together, they’ll appreciate the time you put into making them feel right at home.

Prep Your Space

No matter whether you plan to catch up with your girlfriends or do a double date, you have to make the environment right. When keeping it casual, I love curating a cute living area with cozy touches. Don’t forget to fluff the pillows and drape a throw over the couch. If you want to make it an occasion, go for a fancy white tablecloth dinner. The scene won’t be complete without gorgeous dining room furniture, though!

Stay Engaged

I know it’s tempting, but you have to put your phone down! Your family or friends are coming over because they want to see you. Open the door for them and warmly welcome them inside—this small action goes a long way. Remember to ask your guests if they need anything, too. The less they have to do, the better!

When you sit down to chat, listen to what your guests have to say, and take interest in what’s going on in their life. Sure, there are some days this past year that weren’t eventful. But maybe they really want to tell you all about their proposal story, a new and exciting hobby they just picked up, or some juicy celebrity gossip. Whatever conversation comes up, just let it flow!

Just Be Yourself

Of all the simple ways to become a better host, this is the most important! As hosts, we can often feel pressure to be who we’re not. We may feel like we have to go above and beyond by cleaning every second. But you can sit back, relax, and live in the moment. It’s okay to take it in—and take it easy. Stick to who you are. The sink full of dishes can wait!


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