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Hi Gypsies! Since I've shared about Johnny and my engagement, my DM's have been flooded with your questions about my ring. I thought it would be easier to share all of the details + my tips/tricks on how I care for my ring all in one blog post so that you can refer back to it as needed.

Johnny stalked my Pinterest, and saw that I had pinned a certain ring about a million times. He tracked down the designer and got me my dream ring. He chose the 17mm Rhapsody by Heidi Gibson with a white sapphire center stone, diamond surround, and the band is rose gold. I love this ring even more because Johnny's birthstone is a diamond and mine is a sapphire! (which he didn't even know.. mine or his birthstone!). I am a size 5.5 for scale reference.

As soon as we got engaged, I went full OCD and researched the best ways to keep my ring looking shiny and new. Every article sang the praises of Palmolive dish soap, so we headed to Target and got the Palmolive Ultra Pure + Clear Liquid Dish Soap. We chose the clear soap so that it didn't leave any color residue on the ring. We also chose to get some distilled water because it doesn't leave behind water spots.


Step 1: Fill a coffee mug 1/2 way with distilled water and microwave for 30 seconds. Add one-two squirts of dish soap and stir. (Stay away from chlorine-based cleaner, as it may react chemically with the precious metal of your ring.)

Step 2: Gently place your ring in the warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes to break down grime and oil. If you have something on your ring (I got mine covered in thai sauce once), soak for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Remove your ring from the mug and start scrubbing with a soft bristle toothbrush. (I love to use the bamboo toothbrushes! Gently brush each side in circular motions, especially the edges and the back of the ring.

Step 4: Set your ring back in the mug of soapy water. Keep brushing the ring to wash off any loosened dirt and grim.

Step 5: Rinse your engagement ring with clean distilled water. Remember to plug the drain!

Step 6: Gently pat dry with a microfiber cloth, or use a hair dryer.

I choose to do this every weekend, and my ring is shiny and bright 24/7.

I never want to take my engagement ring off, but I make sure it's in a safe place while I sleep, cook, do dishes, shower, travel, and workout. I don't wear it when I sleep, because experts say, "Sleeping and putting your body weight on your hands in this way can slowly put pressure on the ring and cause it to loose its shape, risking accent stone loss." Also, if your ring is set a bit higher, it can catch on your sheets causing them to snag and can also loosen the stones in your ring. Another reason I dont like to sleep in it is because I tend to overheat which causes my fingers to swell.

Wearing your ring around water (showering, doing dishes, cooking) can cause water spots which make your ring look dull. I choose to leave my ring in trinket dishes that I keep in each room so that I know exactly where it is when I take it off.

I don't like wearing my ring at the gym because I am clumsy and don't want to risk knocking it on equipment or dropping a weight on it.

When traveling internationally, I swap my ring out for a diamond cocktail ring. You never know when the opportunity to go for an impromptu swim might arise, which would mean swimming in it and getting it dirty or accidentally leaving it somewhere in a rush and losing it.

Also, if you don't have your engagement ring ensured, it's best to leave your rock at home.

My engagement is the most valuable piece of jewelry I own, so I make it a point to always put it down in the exact same place each time I take it off. I keep jewelry bowls in all rooms that I usually take my ring off. I have one in my kitchen (not near the sink, I don't want to risk it falling down the garbage disposal) and one in each bathroom. I just went to Mexico, and picked up a few adorable concrete ring holders from street vendors! I've also linked my favorites below for you. xo


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