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Here are the best tips for boho interior design if you want to remodel your space. Follow your free spirit to decorate any room in your house.

All this time inside has inspired me to take a second look at the space in which I spend the most time: my home! I love bohemian style, and the more I can incorporate it into my life, the better. If you’re like me and you’ve been thinking that it’s time to spruce up your living room or bedroom, you should consider boho design. It’s my favorite style because of its versatility. My guide to the best tips for boho interior design will help you update your home on any budget. Don’t miss out!

Mix and Layer

The easiest way to incorporate aspects of bohemian interior design into your home is to start layering different textiles, accents, and art styles. Just about anything goes with boho. Layer rugs and add throw pillows and blankets. You can never have too much art on your walls when you model your design after bohemian style. And you can find all sorts of ways to mix and match your furniture to cut down on how many new pieces you buy.

Embrace Patterns

Working with bohemian interior design is great for people who don’t like to be constricted by rules. You can use as many patterns as you want with this design style. Bold patterns are prominent with boho. Adding multiple patterns to your design is a budget-friendly way to update your space to a more bohemian aesthetic.

Decorate With Vintage and Handmade Items

Bohemian interior design gives you the freedom to mix and match themes and decide on intricate style details. Choose vintage or handmade décor items to give your space a free-spirited atmosphere. Unique, uncommon items make any space seem eccentric. You can support local artists in your neighborhood or decorate with items handed down from your family.

Include Botanicals

Consider including natural elements. Most spaces include wicker furniture, hand-carved tables, or another wood piece. Adding plants to your space is a less expensive way to bring the natural world indoors. Real plants are best, but even fake ones will liven up your home. Still, there are no rules when it comes to the types of plants you use. Personally, I’m currently in love with blush-tone flowers and think they look exquisite with my neutral palette.

Add Personal Touches

When following the best tips for boho interior design, there are no strict guidelines. No two bohemian designs will look the same. Don’t be afraid to incorporate embellishments that speak to you. I like to follow my inspiration and use beads, fringe, tassels, feathers, and macramé. Your boho inspiration may come from your travels, such as a trip to the mountains or another country. You do you, loves.

*all images in article are from Pinterest - except for the first image + last*


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