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Does your master bathroom need a makeover? Find out how you can make your

bathroom more luxurious with only a few simple and affordable changes.

If you think it’s impossible to give your master bathroom a luxurious makeover on a

tight budget, I have news for you. All it takes is a few simple changes to bring your

bathroom from drab to fab. Whether your definition of luxurious is fancy and

expensive-looking or the ultimate self-care space doesn’t matter—you can achieve

any version of your ideal space. Follow my tips for designing a luxurious master

bathroom, and you, too, can transform your bathroom into the ultimate oasis.


Plants are a great addition to any bathroom, but even more so if you are going for a

stylish bohemian look. A plant in your bathroom can complement any style, from

modern to cozy. I would recommend adding a fern, spider plant, or even a lucky

bamboo plant to start.

Comfy Towels and Rugs

What do you think of when you picture a luxurious bathroom? For me, the softest

towels and accessories immediately come to mind. But your bathroom towels don’t

have to be made of Egyptian cotton to be soft and luxurious. Even simply upgrading

your old set of bath towels to new ones can feel like a little slice of heaven. I’d also

recommend adding a soft, plush rug or bathmat to your floor to treat your feet when

you get out of the shower or bath. Even better, color match the towels, bathmat, and

other accessories for a cohesive touch.

Choosing Your Mirror

The bathroom mirror should be the statement piece. I believe this is the one piece

that is worth the investment. A mirror is usually the focal point of the bathroom, after

all. One thing I would recommend: always measure your vanity or countertop before

choosing your mirror size. It’s great to have this measurement so that you don’t get a

mirror that is too big or too small for your space. For a chic bathroom look, try a

uniquely shaped mirror, like a circle or oval.

With just a few simple and affordable changes, you can make your bathroom feel

cozier more stylish. A luxury bathroom looks different to each person, but it doesn’t

have to mean expensive. I hope my tips for designing a luxurious master bathroom

will help you design your ideal bath space!

*all images via Pinterest on Instagram*


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