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There's nothing worse than not having access to your jewelry because it's too

tangled to wear. Here, I'll share my best tips for organizing your jewelry.

Owning a jewelry collection is not as simple as it may seem. If you're like me, you've

most likely found yourself sorting through tangled necklaces and bracelets, trying to

separate single pieces. 

Organizing clumps of stuck jewelry may seem like a chore, but the real punishment

is not being able to wear some of your favorite accessories. In this blog, I'll share

my tips for organizing your jewelry to make this process simple and stress-free.

Sort Through Your Collection

The hardest part of organizing jewelry is starting. Though that dreaded jewelry

drawer may seem impossible to manage, those tangled pieces simply need some

tender love and care. Unload your jewelry collection piece by piece until you're able

to separate and sort your jewelry into groups based on metals, accessory type, and

value. Once you have distinct groups for each category, the rest of your organization

process will be a breeze.

Only Keep the Jewelry You Love

Let's be honest, sometimes our love of jewelry is what clogs our collection and

makes it unwearable. I have a horrible habit of collecting and hoarding jewelry

pieces, even when I haven't worn them in years. These vast piles of necklaces,

bracelets, and rings make organizing your jewelry even more complicated. 

For the best organization, examine each of your jewelry pieces and only keep the

accessories you love. Every time I come across a piece of jewelry that I don't feel

connected to or even remember I owned, I donate it. If you have trouble departing

with your accessories, try reminding yourself that you're making more room for future


Invest in Containers

For years I stored all my jewelry in the same cramped jewelry box. After years of

being frustrated with my jewelry becoming lost or tangled, I finally invested in a

categorized jewelry container. Using an organized container for my jewelry

completely changed the way I store accessories altogether. 


When you use a sorted jewelry container, you can separate your jewelry collections

and store them by category. I recommend finding a jewelry container with racks to

hang necklaces rather than lay them in piles. These racks prevent tangling and make

spotting individual jewelry pieces much more manageable.

These containers also help separate different types of metals and more valuable

pieces from your standard collection. For example, not every type of gold jewelry is

the same. In fact, there are a variety of different types of gold jewelry. When you use

an organized container, you can assort your gold jewelry by value to ensure that

more expensive pieces are in a secure location. 

Learn from my jewelry sorting mistakes. You can have an organized and simplified

jewelry collection prepared to accessorize any outfit in these simple steps. Follow

these tips to organize your jewelry and remember to only hold onto the accessories

you truly love.


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