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When you’re focused on a boho kind of lifestyle, you can’t afford to damage or dirty

your luxurious jewelry. Take proper care of your jewelry with these tips.

Who doesn’t love adding a flash of gold or silver to their iconic boho looks? Your

outfit isn’t complete without the tease of gold earrings underneath messy hair, the

unforgettable jingle of several loose necklaces, or the mystifying rings adorning each

finger—each with their own precious meaning.

However, I couldn’t add this touch of luxury to my outfits if my jewelry was dirty or

damaged. Even the boho life doesn’t settle for tarnished, broken jewelry. Read my

tips for taking proper care of your jewelry before you build up your jewelry collection.

Always Know What Material Your Jewelry Is

Different gems and precious metals respond to environments in their own

ways—some are difficult to scratch or damage while others can bend, break, and

corrode. Whenever you buy or thrift a new piece for your jewelry collection, pay

attention to what kind of jewelry it is. Jewelry that has precious metal plating around

a base material is more vulnerable to corrosion than pure gold or silver, for instance.

Pay attention to the hardness of your gemstones—while you can only scratch a real

diamond with another real diamond, dust could scratch an opal piece of jewelry.

Don’t Panic Over Tarnish

My world completely changed when I realized the grimy, black coating on my silver

jewelry wasn’t permanent damage. Tarnish is a result of the oxygenation of silver or

sterling silver. It’s really more of a shell rather than a harmful rust. Sweat speeds up

the tarnishing process, but don’t worry! You can clean the tarnish off with a gentle

hand or dish soap, warm water, and a washcloth or soft-bristled toothbrush. If you

use hand soap, make sure it’s unscented—the chemicals in aromatic hand soap can

damage the precious metal.

This all changes with precious metal plated jewelry, however. The thin plate of metal

doesn’t protect the non-precious metal beneath from corroding. If you accidentally

work up a sweat while wearing plated jewelry, you could damage the piece for good!

Store Jewelry Someplace Safe

Last on my list of tips for taking proper care of your jewelry is to carefully consider

where you put your jewelry when you don’t wear it. For most pieces, you’ll want to

store it someplace enclosed with many compartments for each different accessory.

However, organic materials, such as opal and pearl, need air to keep them looking

fresh, shiny, and healthy for longer.


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