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The late summer is upon us, so let’s prepare for the fall by learning how to change

home decor from our lazy summer days to our spooky autumn nights.

Right before you go out to buy a plaque displaying your affection for pumpkin spice

lattes, you should study each room in your home, curate your to-do list, and check it

twice. To see how you can make a proper transition from one season to the next,

focus on the best areas to liven up with the seasonal spirit. Find out how you can

have a significant change of scenery in-between seasons with these ways to

transition your home from summer to autumn.

Stow Away Seasonal Items

We all enjoy summer. Even the most die-hard fans of fall love to soak up those

sunbeams. So before you pull any other decorations out for the autumn season,

make sure you hunt down every piece that reminds you of summer. This tip is

beneficial if you’re new to changing up your decor according to the seasons.

Anything brightly colored or associated with summer, pack it away until next year.

Swap Out Scents

There are so many amazing scents that remind us of fall, and you can have them all

in your home with scented candles. Choose anything that reminds you of autumn,

like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, campfire, and even s’mores. These aromas will have

you feeling like bonfires and sweater weather in no time. If you aren’t a fan of

candles, consider using incense or scent sprays to make your home smell like


Add a New Coat of Exterior Paint

If you had to pick any time of year to paint the exterior of your home, fall would be

the best one. The temperatures outside are less humid and a bit cooler than in

summer, so it’s much more comfortable. From neutrals to darker tones, you can

change up your home’s look to get you into the autumn mood. Consult with a local

painting company that can match you with the exterior paint color you want.

Bring in Warm Lighting

As much as we adore the cool weather, shorter days mean we need to add a little

more light inside our home. While the sun brings in natural light during the summer

months, the crisp climate of autumn means many homeowners add heavy curtains to

help trap in heat. Try adding some Christmas lights around a faux plant to add to the

fall vibe you’re searching for.

With fall right around the corner, it’s not too late to start looking at ways to transition

your home from summer to autumn. With these ideas, you’ll be able to transition

your home from one season to the next without a problem. Don’t be afraid to try out

new scents like pumpkin spice and change your home’s exterior paint color.


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