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It may burst boomer bubbles to hear this, but millennials are homeowners now, and

what millennials look for in a home are actually pretty specific.

Millennials have finally grown out of apartment living and are ready to upgrade to

houses. Some of us need a home for our new families, some of us are sick of living

on top of other people, and some of us just want more space to stretch our legs.

Whatever the reason, we tend to have certain preferences that, when combined,

dictate what millennials look for in a home.


Even older millennials like to live where the action is. When looking for a home,

millennials care that it is close to our restaurants, our gyms, our work, and our kids’

schools. This is partly out of convenience and partly from a desire to be in proximity

to anything exciting—when millennials first tour homes, they often start with the

places they need to be and then work from there.

Large Kitchen

Whereas Gen X and baby boomers put formal dining rooms high on their list for

home features, millennials tend to prefer large, open kitchens. A kitchen and dining

room should be combined, as it creates a wider, more welcoming space; plus, it

makes cooking, cleaning, and serving more convenient. For all the millennials out

there looking for their home, do not be surprised if your first big renovation project is

in the kitchen.


Similar to how millennials prefer open kitchen designs, we also enjoy large outdoor

settings to unwind in. We want some space for our vegetable gardens, decks, and

badminton courts. Especially with COVID-19 still at the forefront of peoples’ minds, it

is only practical to have the space to accommodate those who prefer not to socialize


Low Maintenance

Millennials do not want to feel held down by their homes. We worked and saved, so

we could have a comfortable place to live. The last thing most millennials want is a

place that requires time and energy to maintain. What millennials look for in a home

are hardwood floors that do not require too much vacuuming, synthetic decks that do

not need to be cleaned often, and fully operational amenities that do not need to be replaced.


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