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10 Things You Have To Try In Oahu

1. Snorkeling Sharks Cove + Electric Beach

There is such an abundance of sea life on the island of Oahu. I highly recommend swimming at Makapu beach, snorkeling on the North Shore, and snorkeling at Electric Beach on the west side of the island.

Sharks Cove on the north shore is the perfect place to go snorkeling, especially if you have never done it before. There is a place to rent equipment on the cheap right across the street from the beach. There are tons of tide pools, some with very shallow water and some that are pretty deep, and you are guaranteed to see TONS of fish! It was an incredible experience :)

There is a power plant near electric beach which creates pockets of warm water and draws in tons of sea life. We saw sea turtles and a tiger shark!

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2. Ohana Yurts

If you are looking for the most incredible place to stay while in Oahu, you have to stay at Ohana Yurts. Staying at a resort is overrated! It's an incredible + memorable experience to immerse yourself in the Hawaiian way of living. They're located near Sunset Beach on the North Shore, and are nestled in the most amazing hills with a gorgeous ocean view. Read more about these incredible huts on my blog post linked HERE.

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3. Swim With Turtles

We were just romping around the island, and stumbled across these big guys. They are so stinking cute! Island rules say that you cannot touch them, and I highly recommend following this rule. Many of them are sick and have sores all over them (i doubt you would want to touch them anyways). #savetheseaturtles

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4. Dole Pineapple Plantation

Two words: Dole Whips. These are the most delicious treats on the plantation! Pineapple frozen yogurt with fresh pineapple chunks are to die for. This is a tourist hot spot. If you love pineapple as much as I do, this place is a Must! Its located about 20 minutes from the North Shore, over near Haleiwa. :)

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5. Helicopter Ride with BP Aviation

Trust me when I say this is 100% worth the money :) I highly suggest budgeting for this and splurging a bit, because it was the highlight of our trip. We got to see the entire island during our 2 hour tour. Daniel was the best tour guide :) We mentioned wanting to hike up Stairway to Heaven (which is illegal) and he flew us over it so we could get up close and personal and not feel like we missed out. It was INCREDIBLE. We also got to see all the waterfalls of the Sacred Falls hike which was breathtaking, and we got to see all the gorgeous coasts. The water is unreal, it is so crystal blue/green! Check them out HERE.

Video coming soon!

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6. Food Trucks on the North Shore - Acai Bowls

If you have never had an acai bowl, they will rock your world. You can get them all over the island, but i got mine on the North Shore at a food truck called The Spot :) They are around $9, and you can easily split one with some because they are HUGE. I also recommend trying the shrimp tacos, the thai food truck, and the vegetarian omelette. SO BOMB

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7. Manoa Falls Hike

This was my all time favorite hike on the island. It felt like we were in a Lord of the Rings movie.... so unreal. This was also a super easy hike, only 20 minutes to get to the waterfall and 20 minutes to hike back down. So if you have an hour to kill and dont mind getting a little muddy, i highly recommend this one :)

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8. Jurassic Park ATV Kualoa Ranch

I had never been on an ATV, and thought that Hawaii would be a great place to try them out :) Kualoa ranch offers 1-2 hour ATV tours, and also 1-2 hour horseback tours. I really wanted to do both, but we opted for the 2 hour ATV tour which set us back about $270USD. I would recommend doing the one hour tour, vs the 2 hour tour. We got to see where they filmed Jurassic Park and Godzilla with the giant dinosaur footprints, and the ramp where they filmed Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates! Pretty sweet! If you are a movie buff, you would absolutely love this tour :)


9. Picking Fresh Coconuts + drinking them

We stayed with my boyfriends uncle at his house on the north shore, and he has a bunch of huge palm trees on his property. We had mentioned wanting to try a fresh coconut, and he climbed right up and threw us down some of the most delicious coconuts I've ever had. I absolutely hate bottled coconut water, so I was a but apprehensive who it came ti drinking out of the coconut, but having it fresh off the tree was delicious :)

You can buy fresh coconuts at the store, or hop up and get them yourself.

10. Watch the SUNRISE & sunset

These photos speak for themselves :)

Shot by: @JohnnyChicollo

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