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There are a lot of kitchen trends taking over in 2021. Check out these boho inspired

kitchen trends that won’t break your budget this year.

With one month down in 2021, the top home trends are starting to emerge.

Personally, I can’t wait to start redesigning my space. If your home is struggling to

find its aesthetic or you’re looking for a style refresh, be sure to start with these

boho-inspired kitchen trends emerging in 2021.

Natural Cabinets

While white and gray cabinets were all the rage in years past, leaning into natural,

neutral wood is divine. Even if you have painted cabinets now, you can get them

back to their natural roots. Check out the steps:

- Remove cabinet hardware

- Sandpaper the cabinets to remove the stain or paint

- Dust them

- Apply a clear coat to seal the cabinets

- Enjoy your new cabinets

Changing your cabinets can be a fun and exciting way to update your home. Plus, it's easy to do!

Unique Backsplash

A backsplash can really make or break a kitchen’s vibe. While subway tile is a safe

choice that complements every kitchen, there are also bolder options trending right

now. For example, you can install herringbone tile as a backsplash in your kitchen.

It’s a fun way to repurpose your existing tiles. You could also consider a stone tile—I

love the outdoorsy feel it provides in my kitchen.

Gold Accents

Silver is out, and gold is in! Changing the color of your kitchen hardware is easier

than most people think. You can simply sand down your existing hardware and then

spray paint with a shiny gold finish.

This is easy to do and gives your kitchen an instant facelift. Gold evokes a regal and

majestic vibe. Plus, this change is easy to switch back if trends shift. 

There are a lot of trends popping up this year that fit well with the bohemian

aesthetic. Try out all these kitchen trends emerging in 2021 for a refreshed home.

all images sourced from Pinterest.


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