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College is the best time to find yourself and build your own identity. Check out these

tips on how to find your personal style in college to do so.

College is one of the best times to find yourself. Identity is always changing, and with

so many outlets to do so, like music, movies, hobbies, and clothes, you can do so

freely and without judgment. With so many people at college, you’re going to find

someone who shares your interests. Use this guide on how to find your personal

style in college to build your best, most authentic self.

Which Types of Clothes Suit You Best?

With so many clothing styles to choose from, there’s no reason you can’t find one

that works for you. I recommend taking the time to find something that appeals to

you. Do you prefer athleisure or pantsuits? Vintage or modern? Bohemian or

preppy? Choose the types of clothes that suit your personality best. I find that one of

the best parts of college life is you can rebuild your identity to whatever you want.

Even if you’re completely restyling your image, do so in a way that makes you feel

bold, confident, and self-motivated.

Follow Trends

Still, follow current trends. With the popularity of social media influencers, there’s

always a hot new trend in your interests. I would check out some of the newest

fashion or accessory trends today. Consider replicating the ones that fit you and

ignore the rest. This isn’t limited to clothes either. Shoes, accessories, and even

music and entertainment trends shift constantly. Look for the trend that fits your

personality best. I know I have.

Photos Help

Photos help a lot when finding your personal style in college. It’s only natural that not

every piece of clothing or accessory will look good on camera, and I don’t think that

should stop someone from wearing what they want. However, personal style makes

you feel like your best self. If you find a certain style you love in your photos, wear it

more often. Photos inspire future looks. My wardrobe means I’m always looking

sharp for an impromptu photo shoot.

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match clothes and styles along the way. I know there’s

plenty of time to find your personal style as you mature and grow into your wonderful

self. That doesn’t mean you should overburden your closet with hundreds of different

pieces, shoes, or accessories. I recommend you clean as you go to get rid of clothes

you know don’t work for you. In the meantime, shop around vintage stores, outlets,

or online to find the right pieces that match your comfort and confidence.


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