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A luxury vacation often means rest and recuperation, and with many hotels and resorts

tailored specifically toward this, you have a great choice of places to visit. The

frenetic pace of life today is leading more people to realize that heading to a resort

that offers peace and tranquillity will improve their health and help them to de-stress.

A luxury wellness break can offer many different experiences, whether taking an

ocean journey where the sea air is invigorating, having massages and treatments on a

spa break, or perhaps re-energizing at a fitness retreat. In a chic boutique hotel, you

could find specially designed programs with tailored meal plans, fitness regimes,

thermal spas, and traditional therapies to inspire you to revitalize and relax.

You can follow a spiritual course as well as the physical activities of a luxury break.

Enjoy a Navajo or Ayurvedic healing session in a mountain or woodland retreat.

Discover a whirlpool of energy with your spiritual chakra, then reconnect to the inner

you with meditation, Yoga, and Reiki. All of this will cleanse your soul, reduce stress,

and promote a positive mental attitude and good state of mind.

We will now cover some of the best wellness experiences you should consider for

your next vacation.

A Luxury Retreat by the Sea

A vacation by the sea has added advantages when considering a luxury wellness trip;

its invigorating power lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling refreshed. Imagine

being on the Amalfi Coast with its beautiful sparkling pebbled beaches and splendid

mountain views. The Resort Sant Angelo overlooking the Bay of Naples has luxurious

accommodation a superb wellness centre to give you peace away from the more

populated resorts while you rest and recuperate.

Try the hot stones massage or join a yoga group at sunrise with the hypnotic sound of

the sea rolling up onto the beach. As the sun sets, enjoy fantastic views across the

water, and watch the boats bobbing on the waves while enjoying a glass of wine on

the terrace. Taking a gentle stroll along the coastline and visiting small towns and

villages in the less well-known areas will make you feel like you have stepped back in


Book an Ocean Wellness Journey

Spending your vacation on board a luxury liner where all the amenities and

entertainment are designed for comfort and enjoyment, calming your senses. Feel the

pleasure of sailing over the deep blue oceans of the Mediterranean or the sparkling

green water of the Norwegian Fjords while enjoying the magnificent scenery along

the coastline.

The motion of the sea will induce a good night’s sleep boosting your metabolism and

improving your health, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Explora Journeys

provide ocean-inspired wellness activities for travelers who want immersive

experiences. A big part of an ocean wellness break is that you will meet like-minded

people to discuss and exchange views on the treatments you have tried and possibly

learn about others you might like to sample.

Recharge in a Mountain Retreat

Many people take their vacation and then revert to their everyday chaotic lives on

their return home. In places such as Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, and America,

mountain retreats and club resorts offer wellness breaks where the tranquil beauty of

exotic surroundings can change your perspective on life. De-stressing methods such as

meditation, detoxing, and other healing therapies will help you to come away with a

different outlook. Being surrounded by beautiful green trees and ferns, natural spa water, and luxury

accommodation, you can feel re-energized and rested. The assortment of trees in the

forests provides the basis for wood massages and pine-scented aromatherapy, or

perhaps try a traditional rhythmic dance of a centuries-old purifying ritual; whatever

you choose, it will bring back your body’s natural rhythm.

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